Electric Heat

In the South Florida area there isn't a great need for home heating, on the occasions when it is required most homes have a simple electric heat system. This is also known as central heating. Very little goes wrong with central heat but on occasion it will stop working entirely. Sometimes this can be a repair but in most cases it will be a simple replacement of the heating element. We can do either for you.

Heating Elements

The heating elements in your ac system are usually a simple coil which heats the air as it comes through. Left unused for a long Florida summer they can become coated with dust and are prone to producing alarming smells when first turned on, this is fairly normal. Care needs to be taken with them as some variations can be delicate.


If your electric heat system is in need of repair we can come and diagnose the problem, show you the available options, and then get to work. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, so no matter what you need, we are here to deliver.

We service electric heat in Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, Kendall, Coral Gables, Pinecrest and surrounding areas.

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